Nuada – Award-Winning CCUS Technology

Nuada received the Next Generation Award for the Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) category at the Decarb Connect North America 2023 Conference.
Mar 29, 2023

Nuada is delighted to announce that our
carbon capture technology has been recognised as the next-generation CCUS
solution at the Decarb Connect event held
in Houston, TX.

Nuada award-winning-ccus-technology

This prestigious award is an endorsement by decarbonisation leaders to our carbon capture technology, and a testament to our commitment to accelerate the deployment of our innovative solution and address the urgent need for reduction of industrial carbon emissions.

Carbon capture is widely recognized as a crucial technology for achieving Net Zero emissions, serving as a bridge between the carbon-intensive present and a sustainable future. Particularly for hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, steel, and chemicals, carbon capture is a central piece of every Net Zero roadmap. However, the widespread adoption of CCUS across various industries has been hindered by high energy and cost barriers, discouraging industrial emitters to fully commit to this technological option in their efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

With traditional solvent-based solutions unable to provide confidence in industrial sectors, the need of next-generation carbon capture technologies has become urgent in providing efficient and economical solutions for decarbonizing industrial operations.

The award received is a testament to Nuada‘s leading position in CCUS innovation. Our ultra-energy efficient, “heatless”, and solvent-free technology redefines carbon capture and overcomes the main cost and energy barriers for mass deployment of carbon capture. Join us to make carbon capture in industry a reality.