Nuada Scout Carbon Capture Pilot-Testing

A demonstration campaign for accurate field data and assured decision-making on carbon capture investments.

nuada scout

A Resource-Efficient Mobile Testing Service

Nuada Scout is an end-to-end testing service that allows you to experience the unparalleled benefits of our carbon capture technology through a short demonstration campaign. This comprehensive service includes transport, installation, operation by our engineers, testing and decommissioning of a pilot plant configured to your flue gas specifications.

Boxed and Ready to Capture

Nuada Scout provides a prefabricated, containerised plant for quick and accurate in-field assessment of our carbon capture technology. This ISO container carries the core unit operations needed to evaluate CO2 removal from your process at a 1TPD (one tonne per day) scale. It also presents an opportunity to bolt-on post-treatment packages for full chain CCUS (carbon capture, utilisation and storage) assessments. The installation of our plant-in-a-box requires little site preparation and minimal utility usage. All we need is your emissions plus an electrical supply to get started.

No Downtime

Small Footprint

Operated by Us

No Steam Needed

De-risking Carbon Capture

Verify the unparalleled benefits of our system through a demonstration campaign. Our short and tailored test programme allows you to benchmark our ultra-energy efficient technology using real in-field data. By leveraging our end-to-end testing service, you can gain critical operational insights and de-risk investment decisions when selecting the optimal technology for your plant.

3 Steps Away from Efficient Carbon Capture

Discovery Call

Get to know our technology and tell us about your decarbonisation objectives to define a path forward.

Needs Analysis

Assess the compatibility of our system with your flue gas stream to accelerate decision-making.

Project Realisation

Exploit our engineered solutions to start capturing the future.