Decarbonising the Concrete Value Chain

We are incredibly excited to have been chosen to participate in the Innovandi Open Challenge - decarbonising the concrete value chain.
Mar 10, 2022

The concrete industry is beginning a journey towards decarbonisation.

This was the message from the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) with the launch of their “Concrete Future 2050 Roadmap for Net Zero Concrete” in October 2021. One of the key levers in this roadmap is innovation of new technologies that will remove CO2 at various stages of the cement and concrete value chain.

Decarbonising the concrete value chain<br />

Enter the Innovandi Open Challenge, a global GCCA programme aimed at fostering innovation within the concrete industry to tackle the climate challenge. The programme launched in May 2021 and partners GCCA member companies with exciting start-ups from around the world to “accelerate and commercialise the development of promising decarbonisation technologies”. The programme initially sourced over 100 start-up candidates, which was followed by a pitching phase. These 100 were narrowed down to 19, followed by the selected 9 carbon capture start-ups, including Nuada (formerly known as MOF Technologies) with our carbon capture technology.

Claude Lorea, Cement Director at the GCCA made this comment about the Innovandi Open Challenge:

This is the most exciting innovation programme I have seen across our sector, or indeed any global industrial sector. There are some amazing innovations in the mix here that will help us achieve net zero, and I can’t wait to move into the next phase. Congratulations to all the start-ups that have made it this far.”

Watch this space – something exciting is in the works!