Nuada Recognized as State of the Art Technology in Global CCS Institute’s 2023 Report

The compendium provides an overview of advanced CCUS technologies and solutions, along with details surrounding their key benefits with relevant facts and figures.
Sep 15, 2023

We have been featured in the esteemed Global CCS Institute’s “State of the Art: CCS Technologies 2023” report. This report offers a comprehensive display of commercially accessible carbon capture technologies, affording valuable insights into the most recent CCUS advancements.

Nuada Carbon Capture Waste to Energy

Given the pivotal role that CCUS will play in the fight against climate change, the economic viability of CCUS is gaining prominence with innovation becoming essential to meet the growing demand for enhanced carbon capture systems.

Our inclusion in the GCCSI’s “State of the Art: CCS Technologies 2023” report stands as a testament to Nuada’s unwavering commitment to pushing the frontier of CCUS solutions and addressing the pressing challenges of global carbon emissions.

The recognition by the GCCSI reinforces Nuada’s dedication to fostering collaborative relationships within the CCUS community. Through strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, research institutions, and governmental bodies, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of a collective vision: a future where highly polluting industries are a thing of the past. We want to capture the future by making zero emissions in industries a reality.

You can download a copy of the report here.